We were frustrated by the mass of in-depth and sometimes highly complicated (or boring) training materials and information available on the internet. To address this, we decided to put together these “micro” training courses so that ordinary people could learn what they needed as quickly and easily as possible, but in a fun and engaging way.

As Mark and Ian.com is the anchor site for The Business Hub we thought it best if we first gave everyone the knowledge to use the tools they needed to engage with the Business Hub Community, and get the best out of their on-line Social Media Marketing efforts. That’s why we’ve started with Top Tips for all aspects of Social Media Marketing, and Social Networking applications.

Our vision is to make technology and information accessible to everyone, in a fun and easy to understand format so that as many people as possible can make use of, and get the best results from these wonderful new emerging technologies.

Mark and Ian .com  is the result of our vision – we hope you like it, that you learn lots of new and useful stuff, that it helps you get to where you need to be with the minimum of fuss, and entertains you on the way.

Here’s a very short video where Mark and Ian explain the concept behind the Mark and Ian.com website

“Everything you ever wanted to know about Anything – In Under 60 Seconds”

If you liked this video, please give us some feedback, we’d also like to hear your ideas for future releases.
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Many thanks!
Mark and Ian

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