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Mark and Ian talk about The Business Hub

Set up your profile – Join the discussions – Start networking online – Share your knowledge – Tune in every week to listen to it on the Radio!

Join The Business Hub Community!

This Community brings people, business and experts all together in one friendly place. Meet with, make friends with,  and network with new people, businesses and experts. Join in the discussions on our forums here, ask questions, and give help and advice where you can. The discussions on our forums generate content for our Weekly Business Radio Show which is broadcast on Star Radio 107.9/1 every Sunday between 9am and 10am. The top topics of the week will be featured on our show – and if you’ve caught our attention, you may well get a call from us to be interviewed and featured on our show as well – All for FREE!

Listen to a Show Sampler HERE>>>
Listen to our latest Podcasts HERE>>>

Start Here – It’s FREE

  • Create your Profile:
    • Register your account Here>>
    • Fill out as many details and links as you can
    • Important: Upload your photo
    • Remember: People network with people
    • Tip: Make your profile as personable as possible,
      you’ll make lots more friends that way!
  • Grow your Network:
    • Search the Members Directory Here>>
    • Find interesting people and invite them to be friends
    • Tell people what your doing with Status Updates Here>>
      (It’s a little bit like Twitter – But within this Community)
  • Join the Discussions:
    • Browse and join Groups Here>>
    • Browse the Forums Here>>
      • Start new topics, ask questionsvoice opinions
      • Leave comments on existing topics, help where you can
      • The most popular topics of the week will be featured on the show
        (You could be invited as a guest to share your knowledge on the show!)
    • Also, check out who’s doing what Here>>
  • Finally, Spread the Word:
    • Bring new people into the community
    • Introduce The Business Hub to your friends
    • Invite customers and suppliers
    • Talk about it on your Social Networks
    • Use the hashtag #bhub so we can find your conversations
    • The more – The merrier!


The Business Hub is the first and only commercial radio business show in the UK, and has a transmission area covering potentially 300,000 listeners. The Business Hub is one of the most exciting and engaging projects in business networking today. Use this website to get involved and be rewarded for your input.


Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities

Our rates are very reasonable – Prices start from as little as £18 per week
<<CLICK HERE>> for more information <<CLICK HERE>>


Listen to our podcasts

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